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You make love how you eat

Translated by Benedict Newton

There is an old saying that says: “If you want to know how someone makes love, watch them attentively when and how they eat.”

Those who rush or eat noisily, dirtying their hands and face, are usually people who hardly care about others at all. If we look attentively at the way our beloved eats and we associate this with how they act during lovemaking, we will see that the saying above is perfectly justified.

It has also been observed that those who fall in love, and become very attentive to their beloved, often spontaneously change their way of eating.

The act of eating is just as important for the perpetuation of the species as the act of reproduction. They are closely correlated and each produce a certain type of pleasure. However man, being gifted with creative intelligence, is not limited only to eating and reproduction for the perpetuation of the human race. He has risen on the evolutionary ladder and transformed these two essential acts into true rituals, but exaggerating sometimes he has transformed them into the main purpose of life.

In this sense it is worth mentioning certain experiments with lab rats: if for example two lab rats, a male and female, a pair, are kept without food until they are almost dying from hunger and they are both then put in a cage where there is food, the first thing they do is make love and only after that eat, even if they are dying of hunger.

Of course, unfortunately, we cannot always make lunch a ritual. Every one of us still eats a sandwich while waiting for the bus, and even if we should enjoy it and be fully aware of our gestures, making them with great attention, because this rule is valid even in the moments when we make love in a lift.

Any time we eat we can extract the maximum of pleasure from it, savouring fully this conscious act that helps us to regain our vitality. Also, it is not by chance that the vocabulary for food and for lovemaking is full of French words. The French, as you know, integrate both as an occasion for celebration, these actions involving, for them, an action full of sensorial pleasure. If we are healthy, the act of eating is extremely pleasant: the lips and tongue are fully stimulated, as well as the sense of taste and smell. The same in a wonderful erotic experience: we can try different sensations, according to the way and area of the body we are kissing.

Dinner with someone most often produces a real visual, tactile and gustative pleasure. The delicacies of a dinner can only be bettered by those of the erotic game. Everyone can deduce, if they have not experienced it themselves, the unforgettable pleasure of making love after a romantic dinner that was somehow like a ritual, on beautiful terrace under a starry sky on a summer evening. Whenever we have the opportunity, it is worth enjoying one. But not in a rush, because then there is the risk that the pleasure of eating, maybe even too much, affects the pleasure of making love or the effects of lovemaking to be greatly reduced, especially if we eat too much and too quickly. All the attention of the body will then be concentrated on the digestive process and not the pleasure.

If we have not experimented until now with eating fruit from off the body of our beloved, it is the moment to do it! A bowl of strawberries, raspberries, grapes, blackberries, apricots and what else you like, cream (if you wish) – spread them over their body, especially over the erogenous zones and eat them with appetite, kissing them. Women can let their imagination run free and feed their lover even from their own lips. Those lower lips…

Varianta în limba română o găsiți aici.

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