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Misterul Feminin văzut prin ochii unui… Director de Bancă

Astăzi este ziua lui! La mulți ani, Thomas Tolazzi! Să își fie viața o încântare continuă! Să trăiești doar în iubire!

După ce s-a mutat în România, în 2010, pentru a prelua conducerea BCR Leasing IFN, Thomas s-a îndrăgostit de țara noastră și a rămas aici.

Thomas adoră Femeia:

  1. Describe to me the image that appears in your mind when you say the word “Woman”.

When observing the effects on my respective state, it is interesting that no specific being appears inside myself. It is more a general resonance, which in a subconscious manner seems to cover all the women I did and do love for different purposes. It is like a wave, or ocean, warm and protective and immediately the man, who is supposed to be strong in the outside world, senses that he is nothing – absolutely nothing without a woman beside him. She is the one, he will always desire and care for, as she cares for him.

  1. Who was the woman who inspired you the most in your life? What was her attitude that impelled you to continue when you no longer felt you had the strength or trust?

In different stages of my personal development, different women did inspire me, for different qualities they manifested and different reasons, my perfect Shakti appeared, combining all attributes, one can desire.

Nonetheless she will always remain a mystery men can not understand. For that she is my lady, here to be loved and not to be understood.

  1. What do you appreciate most in a woman?

The mystery of perfect femininity, here ability to be sister, daughter, best friend, a husband’s wife, mother and lover in one person. Always carrying always understanding, always loving!

4. What is a sensual woman? What does it mean to you?

Sensuality goes very close together with the resonance of DIVINE LOVE, It is a resonance very close to this ULTIMATE and therefore absolute perfect state, full of compassion, able to adapt in a natural way to the needs of her partner.

5. What can a woman do to be seductive?

The ability to enter in total perfection into the sacred dance between masculinity and femininity, this sensual game of the opposite sexes, called in the yogic world the marriage between Shiva and Shakti.

6. Tell me a little about the attitudes of women that surprised you, from those you meet at your workplace.

Considering my many leading positions in different countries, I need to state that never a woman surprised me, as I had to learn,that they were capable to combine family (taking care about, husband, children and household) studies and professional work in an incredible manner. This is why I did predominantly hire women, not to forget about their modesty.

7. What qualities do you admire in women at your work and how do you feel they complement your qualities as a man?

As women usually do lack self confidence, they are not always right from the beginning (wrongly) convinced that their solution to a problem is the correct one, as it is usually men’s attitude. By questioning themselves and allowing also for other opinions, usually their solutions are the superior ones.

8. Do you have a message for the women? Maybe you want to express gratitude or tell them to have more trust in themselves? Or to be more loving, etc?

When it is entering into a relationship, be courageous (because, for sure, he is not), be curious (as also him is a mystery), be patient because of understanding that him is only a man, born out of a woman’s womb.



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