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Misterul feminin văzut prin ochii unui… Instructor Yoga

Benedict Newton este instructor yoga la Tara Yoga Center în Londra. De asemenea este pasionat de astrologie și shivaism. Benedict este un artist. Un artist al iubirii.

Îi sunt recunoscătoare că mi-a răspuns întrebărilor:

  1. Describe to me the image that appears in your mind when you say the word “Woman”.

If I close my eyes and utter the word in my mind the image that appears is one of a supremely beauty woman, surrounded by golden light. Indeed it is a many nuanced image that spreads out from a central form, a kind of archetypal feminine beauty, and each female form around is like a different expression of that beauty. It is an image I have contemplated many times in my spiritual practice and has brought this awareness of what appreciation, admiration and transfiguration of feminine beauty truly means.

  1. Who was the woman who inspired you the most in your life? What was her attitude that impelled you to continue when you no longer felt you had the strength or trust?

Every woman you meet inspires you in one way or another according to the depth which you get to know her soul. Each one has particular qualities and gifts which you admire and thus become inspired by, and I feel that to try and place one over another is somehow a disservice to the gifts that life, through Shakti, is continuously offering you. Of course, it would be fair to say that those who have remained in your life for longer periods, in one form or another, have had the opportunity to offer more moments of inspiration, but actually each one of them has played an essential and vital role in helping you to evolve as the man you are in this moment. Essentially, this attitude is actually their own calling and expression of love and devotion towards God and it is this which inspires you to be the best man you can be.

  1. What do you appreciate most in a woman?

For me, this is really connected to the previous question. I feel that what a woman teaches a man the most is the power of love. It is much easier for a woman to live in the heart usually, the man is often more in his mind, and what the woman teaches the man is to also reside in his heart. There is a strength and power in the loving heart of a woman that is beyond anything a man can know, one that renders him helpless before such a woman. So, I would say this is what I appreciate in a woman the most as well as it being the attitude that inspired me the most in life.

  1. What are the attitudes of a woman that will make men keep their distance?

Personally, what I find the biggest turn-off in a woman is a superficial and fluctuating nature, an overly dependent or attached nature, excessive preoccupations in trivial matters, or materialism.

  1. What is a sensual woman? What does it mean to you?

A woman who is embracing her feminine nature, discovering her Shakti essence. Some women have innate gifts in this aspect, and embrace and deepen their awareness and manifestation of these energies appropriately. Others have to work harder to embrace this side of themselves, however it is also a beautiful experience when you accompany the woman on her journey into the depths of her sensual nature and play an active part in helping this awakening.

  1. What can a woman do to be seductive?

There is a big difference between a woman being seductive and being a temptress. A temptress is working only with her sexual energy to seduce men and the lack of true mutual love, higher aspirations, transmutation and sublimation of the sexual energies will invariably lead to the traps and pitfalls associated with an overabundance and stagnation of the energies at the sexual level.

The mystery of the feminine is for me the most seductive quality. That which is found in an awakened woman, who is unafraid to express herself confidently, with charm, humour and playfulness. A woman who knows that to polarize a man, she has to play her role as a woman and embrace him in his masculinity. Essentially, it is that something about them that hints at the promise of discovering an ecstatic paradise in their soul and the possibility to savour that with them in so many ways.

  1. Think now to the woman you opened your heart to the most. What was it about her that made you do this?

It is a gradual journey, a process of growth and development in each of you, as individuals and as a couple. The building of trust, of being able to share your vulnerabilities and work on them, it is an inherent openness that leads the man into his heart, as I mentioned before. If I was to identify it with any particular quality of the woman then I would have to say that it is related to the capacity of the woman to create intimacy in the relationship. It is an essential space to allow a man to venture into areas that he would not usually approach.

  1. Tell me a little about the attitudes of women that surprised you, from those you meet at your workplace.

Being involved in so many activities in so many different locations I guess what I observe the most is the difference between those attending yoga classes, those practicing yoga and those who have no awakening at all to a spiritual practice. It is like two different world, and those who are truly practicing yoga and working on awakening their feminine Shakti energy are constantly surprising you in their expressions of themselves. On the other hand, it is then also quite surprising when you are among ordinary people who inhibit these qualities.

  1. What qualities do you admire in women at your work and how do you feel they complement your qualities as a man?

As intimated in the previous answers, the women I encounter as a yoga teacher, either my female teaching colleagues or students are a constant source of admiration due to their aspiration for transformation and the clear evidence of their transformation. This encourages myself as a man, it challenges me, it keeps me in a constant process of self-evaluation to improve and perfect myself as a man, as a teacher, as a practitioner and student of yoga.

  1. Do you have a message for the women? Maybe you want to express gratitude or tell them to have more trust in themselves? Or to be more loving, etc?

Do not be afraid to embrace your feminine energy, trust yourself, love yourself, allow yourself to blossom and grow. Discover the richness and beauty that resides in the depth of your soul and it will in turn bring such richness and abundance to your life and to the lives of everyone you meet. Be full of love and devotion towards God, towards Shiva. Love them above all so that a man must discover them in order to find you.




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