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Why are people unhappy?

translated by: Benedict Newton

People are unhappy because they don’t make love. If they made love at least once a day, people would be truly happy.

If our education would also include the idea that immediately after you wake up and clean your teeth the next thing you do is to delight yourself, making love to your beloved, then we would live in a world of predominantly happy people.

We would wear a smile on our lips and we would smile at each other as we rushed to work, we would show goodwill in any situation! In fact we would not be confronted with unpleasant situations, because we would be fulfilled in body and soul, with a good mood, delight for life, optimism and faith!

If some of us had not been told that to make love is a sin (and if you don’t believe that such people who think like this still exist, search on google “making love is a sin” and you will discover over 668,000 results!), but instead it had been explained to us that to make love is the most wonderful thing you can do with your beloved, that it unites you with her, then we would be glowing.

“Because of those who make love like animals, in a stupid, disgusting, infernal way, it produces wars and epidemics, because they give material to all those spirits wishing to harm humanity, it nourishes them, strengthens them. If men and women would know this, they would be truly sad and distressed and ashamed of what they have done, and they would try to learn how to love.”
(Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov)

What can reveal to you more the mystery of the man or woman that you adore, how you can discover the enigmatic aspects of their soul, the nuances, aspirations, other than when you truly penetrate them, when you dwell in their light, when your palms slide over the curves of their body and you feel how the thrills of pleasure awaken you to life.

If, in school, alongside subtracting and multiplying numbers, squares and trigonometry, chemical formulas etc., we also learned relaxation techniques and control of the sexual energies. If we were made aware of esoteric information, if we had a material which was called “the voice of the heart” in which we were taught about emotional intelligence, the moral values of truth, goodness, beauty, faith, affective friendship, love detached from interest and selfishness and techniques for these things, we would be capable to achieve high states of inner balance between the physical, mental and spiritual plane.

   ”Making love, like bodily communion and the joy of sensuality is essential for a perfect relationship. It is not something to be afraid of or to be embarrassed about. It is something to celebrate as a gift from God.” (Paul Ferrini)

We would be aware that all paths of true richness always lead towards the interior and not the exterior…

The art of making love should be the first art we study! To become masters and not slaves to sexual pleasure! To use eros to discover ourselves and merge with our beloved in Love, following the steps Rajneesh speaks about: love, lovemaking, prayer: to assimilate all the details of the amorous techniques, to unite the sexual plane with the affective plane and to make a prayer from lovemaking!

   ”In the moment in which we become spiritual, sex is transformed into love. The sexual journey is the beginning of the journey towards God. This immense attraction towards sex is nothing other than a search for transcendence.” (Osho)

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