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Are you an extraordinary man?

translated by: Benedict Newton

I know extraordinary men.

Powerful and mature men. Men capable of understanding a situation beyond appearances. Men with a wider vision; men nourishing such a great love that the wellness, knowledge and maturing of women comes first, before the satisfaction of their own needs. Men who adore and transfigure women with such a force that it opens inside of them gates to an unsuspected beauty that exists there, gates to complete acceptance, abandon and devotion.
Charming men, so naturally charming and authentic, that these qualities overflow from them with a contagious modesty.
Men full of life.

Maybe not all are always like this. Maybe the one alongside us is not romantic when they should be, maybe they make embarrassing jokes regards subjects that are sensitive for us, maybe they talk too much when we need peace and quiet and are silent when we need encouragement, maybe they are extraordinarily immature when we need a strong arm to help us. But they are ours and we will help them to become “perfect”. Just like in the first day when we fell in love with them. We were “perfect”, and they were “perfect”. We were overflowing in love, full of enchantment, enthusiasm and effervescence, and this energised them. It created a perfect romance in something that was disliked by them before, a lover of shopping – just so they could spend time with you – among those who hated shopping. These are relationships, whatever their nature – a long chain of peaks and troughs – it is important that one of them is at the peak in the right moment to help the other rise up.

I have known men who intuited more about me that I knew myself, and they had the patience to let me arrive there in my own pace and with my own challenges. They remained alongside me and supported me.
I have known men with an amazing force. A force that does not injure, but embraces and offers, a force that emulates.

The face of an extraordinary man comes to mind now. Not by who he is, but by the qualities that I feel he has: he was so masculine and charming! It was enough just to look at him, he didn’t do anything. You just looked at him silently. You are amazed by the beauty, by the grandeur and virility that almost oozed through the very pores of his body, a spectacle by which a man, just being, was representing the Supreme Masculine principle.
I asked myself in that moment how would that man be if he was aware of all his qualities, if he would consciously manifest them in every moment. But he was in a deep and sweet sleep… I said to him just this: “You have only one thing to do in this life! To realise how extraordinary you are and to manifest as such!” He answered, smiling: “Well, I don’t know this at all!”
After a few moments thought I wrote on a piece of paper the titles of two books: “The Path of the Superior Man” by David Deida and “The Multi-orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia.

“I recommend you read these books”, I continued.
After he took the note, he answered me (by the way, what did I say earlier – that they should be silent when they need to be): “What will my wife say when she sees what I am reading? She will say I am crazy!”

“No, your wife will be delighted that her man knows himself and knows how to make her happy and become more and more feminine! If she is not scared of more… Because I have also know people who diligently oppose spiritual development and flourishing, people scared and afraid of the unknown…” I thought to myself, because I could not say anything out loud…
I do not know even now if he flicked through these books at least…
For him there were probably two possibilities: either bury all these inborn gifts (a complete waste for humanity), or he will realise at a certain moment of his life, in a certain conjunction, around a certain woman of what he is and who he is and what he has to do…

I know men who do not seem mature, but have an innocence and candour of the soul that awakens your heart and leads you directly into a playful realm of candour and enchantment.
I know mature, charming men, men loved and adored by their beloved.
Men who flourish in loving and supporting the women in their life.

I wanted to finish… but I remember a brilliant idea from a book which I read some time ago. The author stated that she is sure that we, women, wish to start a relationship with an extraordinary man and in this way use our feminine power to help and support every man in our life to become the best he can be. To relate to him as an individual, independent of our desires, to put his spiritual wellbeing and evolution in first place. To let him be extraordinary, for other women to enjoy in this… because we enjoy it when extraordinary men come into our lives!



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